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It’s 2020, and we need to talk about the workspace. Officing gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t. The workspace is the one of the largest determinants of productivity and hence organisational success.


It was great to have a workspace with cubicles, conference rooms, 4x2 Desks, video conferencing, CCD machines, attendance systems and so on.

But things changed.

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For the founder, the journey to getting to the dream workspace, remained a dream while he had to spend energy and time towards infinite unnecessary parts to complete. For the CFO, the workspace became a mountain of capital that you have to invest upfront and have assets sit on his books. For the employees, the workspace became a space to manage and be and not a place to rejoice and create. The admin team became the most disliked team as they would JUST not be able to resolve issues.

And the world just let it happen. 

Why? Because the workspace always is a critical, yet non-core part of the business

Now the workspace feels like a chore, rather than a joy. A place you 'have' to be at to get tasks done. You go to fill out that attendance to get your salary. A space to be but not to cherish. Rather than delight in it, you deal with it.


And yet, it remains at the center to an organization's success. Thanks to the workspace, there is one constant reliable place to have intentional and spontaneous collaborations, social interactions and most importantly, the center of deep work where you create something beautiful.

Luckily, we have kept the magic intact

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The workspace needs rethinking from the ground up. An experience that is elevated with the right mix of hospitality and ease so that your work 'flows'.


With WorkAmp, we’ve done just that. We have rethought the 700 elements that go into the space. We have a productised workspace curated for you so that you can focus on what matters - your work, while we 'amp' the rest.


WorkAmp is our ode to the physical world of officing in which we pursue missions, create magic, build relationships and spend 40% of our life!

We stand for



Understand different situations and perspectives



Passionately excel through continuous innovation



Take up the end to end responsibility. Own your work 



Honour your commitment and act responsibly


Continuous Growth

Have the urge to always learn from experiences as well


First Principle Thinking

Understand the first principles of problems in order to solve them

Meet Our Leaders


Smeet Gala

Founder and CEO

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Rohit Jaithliya

Founding team

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Akshay Lalchandani

Founding team

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Roland D'Cruz

Founding team

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