Help us keep you safe

Health, safety, security, and wellness have been our motive concerns during these stressful times. And as we prepare ourselves to resume our workspaces, we also want to spread the motivation to our fellow spectators. 

We've initiated focus points in the workplace to mitigate the spread of COVID-19


  • Hygiene


  • Physical Distancing


  • Contamination Control


Taking precautionary steps in the daily operations by restricting/ substituting/ protecting certain services in the workspace will ensure to align with the defined focus areas for a safe yet healthy workspace.



To ensure absolute personal hygiene, cleanliness, and safety throughout the day, we urge and intend:

  • Maintaining an efficient supply of soap and water in the toilets at all times.

  • Availing Hand sanitizers (with alcohol content >60%) at entry points, common areas, meeting rooms, and phone booths.

  • Wearing protective masks religiously.

  • Placing signages to remind ourselves to stay clean.


Physical Distancing

To stay at bay from any mishaps at the workspace, we encourage:

  • Scanning temperature at the entrance with an infrared thermal scanner to all working within the office.

  • Creating One-way circulation routes through the workplace.

  • Staying at bay from each other even in densely populated spaces.

  • Limiting access to any and every vendor within the workplace, unless absolutely necessary.

  • Limiting external delivery service into the workspace, unless collected from outside.

  • Reducing access to the  good to have common areas like the cafeteria, smoking zone, etc

contamination control.jpg

Contamination Control

To further maintain a protected and safe environment to assure harmless working spaces, we initiate:

  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces with the use of antimicrobial products recommended by centres for disease control and prevention.

  • Banning the common use of newspapers and magazines in the meantime to avoid touchpoints.

  • Encouraging disposable cups to safely drink beverages.

  • Sterilizing cafeteria cutlery with hot water after use.

  • Allowing The isolation room to be accessed by any person who experiences symptoms of an illness while at work.

We hope to promote the wellness of a brave workforce and foster using these precautionary steps at the work environment.