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Frequently asked Questions

Q What happens when we receive your application?

Ans.  After you’ve applied, our hiring mavericks review each application for open positions. It may take a period of 1- 2 weeks for them to reach out to you to discuss the opportunity, in case they find your application suitable for any of the active roles. We appreciate your patience during this process. If you are selected for an interview, the team will contact you and outline the next steps. You may still be contacted about other opportunities that align with your profile or interests and you can update your profile in the interim.

Q What should you expect during the interview process?

Ans. The interview process is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. Meeting with hiring mavericks and potential team members, you’ll be assessed on several parameters. We also focus on culture fit for any candidate who applies. You will get the opportunity to ask us any questions which you have in mind and we shall be happy to answer them.  We expect the candidates to be aware of how they can help us move towards our current mission.

Q How can you prepare yourself for an interview?

Ans. The answer is simple, we believe that you are who you are, so be proud of that and be yourself. Just put your best foot forward, with a practical mind. However, read and research about the Company and it’s vision and mission. Be well versed with the job description so you don't feel lost during the interview.

Q What is the next step post the interview?

Ans. Once the hiring team is done with the interview process it takes typically 1 - 2 weeks for the hiring team to identify the best fit for the role. We make sure that we communicate to the candidate about his/her application status via email no matter what the end result is. The next steps are communicated accordingly.