A list of symptoms to identify covid-19

Common Symptoms:

1. Fever.

2. Tiredness.

3. Dry Cough.

Other Symptoms:

1. Shortness of breath.

2. Aches and pains. 

3. Sore Throat.
4. Diarrhoea, nausea or a runny nose.


A procedure once symptoms are identified

  1. Get yourself evaluated if you have any travel history or exposure to suspected / positive cases of COVID-19. Visit a local MBBS or family physician for evaluation.

  2.  If a COVID-19 test is required your physician will give you a prescription / medical certificate for the same.

  3. If a COVID-19 test is required isolate yourself completely from other people & wear a face mask. DO NOT come in physical contact with anyone. Go to a Government approved lab only immediately.

  4.  Go to a Government approved lab only which has a COVID-19 test facility & an isolation ward for the same. Take your treating physician's prescription / medical certificate with you to the hospital.

  5. On reaching the hospital, get yourself registered for a COVID-19 test. Give your physician's prescription / medical certificate to the concerned person.

  6. Once registered, the necessary tests will be conducted & you will be admitted in an isolation ward till the test results are declared (normally 24 hrs).
    NOTE: Do Not take any family members, friends or relatives with you during the test as they will not be allowed to enter premises without a prescription.

  7. If the test results are +ve, you will redirected further by the in house doctors. If the tests are -ve, you will be sent home.


List of Telemedicine Practitioners


List of Covid- 19 Dectection Labs


List of Medical Stores


List of Insurances available

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