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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

With the acceptance of the new reality we have succumbed to, it's safe to say that not everyone is completely enjoying the work from home scenario. Whether you're trying to get through your daily work tasks while juggling house chores, or simply trying to have an uninterrupted meeting session, everything seems to become a cluttered pile of unproductive mess. Luckily, technology comes to the rescue with some powerful tools to help us stay productive during these harsh times. Here are four productivity tools we recommend you use for the productivity boost you've been needing.


Time is a valuable resource of our lives that we can't bring back. Therefore, making thoughtful use of it should be a top priority to stay focused and productive throughout the day. Many times, we face difficulty in making time for every task that we decide to accomplish in a day. We can't seem to figure out where we're losing time or how often we are getting side-tracked from our main goals for the day. Toggl is a great tool that can help us solve these issues. Here's what it can do.

Tracks Your Time

Whether you're offline or not, Toggl lets you keep track of every task you feed into it and allows you to analyze where you've spent your time longer than you should have or vise versa.

Helps you stay Efficient

Whether you're offline or not, Toggl lets you keep track of every task you feed into it and allows you to analyse where you've spent your time longer than you should have or vise versa.

User Friendly

Since the app is available on all devices, whether it's Android or IOS operated, the app allows you to sync all of them to keep it efficient and simple. This will benefit you and your team to stay on their A-game with time management and will boost their productivity.


While we're all quarantined, collaborating with your teammates can feel tedious as there is a lack of real-time communication and interaction. Having to keep a constant track of what each teammate is working on while we're all barred away from each other makes it extremely cumbersome and consumes our valuable time.With the help of Trello, These obstacles become easier to handle, and here's how.

Organised Platform

Trello is a collaborative app that works with creating boards. Each board has cards, and each card has its lists. You can create endless boards and customize them to work with who you want and how you want.Let's understand this a little better, suppose you have two or three projects you're working on, and each project has different team players on board. You can create three separate boards titled under those projects, and give them access to their respective team members. You can then use cards and create sub-columns for those projects. Supposing a website is a project you're working on where you have blogs and articles to publish onto. You would then use cards for blogs and articles, under the board titled website. You can use cards to organize checklists, and due-dates, and each team member, can comment on these cards as well.

Creates Efficiency

Since the app allows everyone to update their stages into a project board, the hassle of having to keep track of all your team members gets eliminated. You would not only know what projects are ongoing at the moment but would also know exactly what is due, and who is working on what part of the project in real-time. This would help you save time you'd quintessentially lose through constant updates and instead would help space out time for more productive use.

A convenient hub

The app is free, with purchases for advanced options, and is supported on all devices and is also integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail, easily making it everyone's favorite E-collaborative hub. From personal boards to boards that you can share with the world, this app gives you the reach you've been missing out on while staying at home.


You may face difficulty to have lively collaboration sessions with your teammates while you work from home. The constant gap of spontaneous brainstorming that previously took place keeps getting bigger and bigger, and it begins to take a toll on your productivity and work performance. A handy tool would be something that can cause an eruption of spontaneity while having to stay remote. Slack helps in bridging this gap for us, and here's what it can do.

Instant Platform

Slack is a great platform for collaborating with your team instantly. It functions like an instant messenger app where you can create channels as different projects, and add members to instantly text them and create easy discussions on the updates of the said project.

Breaks the barrier of staying away

An added feature to the app is an audio supported call that allows you to make voice calls with your team members. Since the app allows you to have these spontaneous virtual discussions with your teammates, it lets you in on a virtual session while you stay remote.

User Friendly

The app integrates with Google apps that would allow you to sync your work with everyone. Images and attachments can also be sent with your messages. This app can be supported on both android and IOS devices and can also function as a desktop page. Just add your team members, and you're good to go. The easy User Interface of the app allows every member to get on board to use it, which gives everyone that productivity boost they've been needing.


If you're someone who likes to take notes and loves to keep precise to-do lists, then look no further. This wonderful and minimalistic app gives you the joy of keeping yourself organised digitally, and helps you reduce your stationery needs. Here's what it can do for you.


If you're trying to make a switch from being a paper user to moving onto a digital realm, then you'd find that this app gives you the versatility of how you want to take notes. Evernote lets you create multiple titles under which you can take down your notes. You can scan notes and Upload them as image files or record your notes as audio or video files. There's an ink mode that lets you draw in arrows and diagrams and charts as well. Soon enough, you wouldn't want to go back to using all that stationery that had a one-time use.

User Friendly

This minimalistic app is easy to use and doesn't call for too much of organizing that would easily get you off-track from taking down simple notes. It helps you centralize your ideas while keeping everything detailed. This would cut down your time that would probably get taken up in the excessive organization of simple notes.

Allows you to collaborate

Evernote allows your notes to be shared on all forms of devices, both Android and IOS systems. The app has been integrated with online-productive apps like Google Drive so syncing your notes is now a click away. Anyone you give access to your notes can edit them in real-time, which makes it more convenient to keep track of updates. Evernote brings in the feature to sync with Trello and converts every note you make into a card.

Productivity Booster

The app also lets you keep track of your time management under the feature Clockify, helping you stay productive at all times. This 15-year-old app is noticeably known as the greatest productivity tool while taking notes. Its simplicity makes it a timeless marvel, where you can enjoy a new world of digital note-making.

These apps provide great use, from staying true to your to-do lists to getting the maximum benefit of collaboration while you work from home. You no longer have to face hindrances in clarity of work, as these apps help you out with your mental blocks, and also manage your workload and keep you in touch with your teammates, all the while, you stay indoors. These powerful tools will keep you and your workforce productive while facing challenging obstacles in our new reality.

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