7 Ways To Organize Your Desk 

For months now, we've been away from our haven of workspaces and made way into our homes. These little corners of the house that portal us into our work-life have become essential now more than ever. To give our best at work, we must make the most of what we have from home, and organizing ourselves is one way of doing it. 

Does Organizing Help?

We may be oblivious to this, but the surroundings of our work environment play a significant role in our work performance. To a granular detail, our work desk, while we safely practice remote working at the moment, is a primary factor concerning our work performance. 

Keeping our work desk cluttered creates a downfall in sparking up our performance at work, and here's why. 

Increases Stress

With all the commotion that comes along with work from home, the last thing we need to stress ourselves out, even more, is a pile of a mess at our desks. Research suggests that clutter can cause us to stress out when we aren't able to pinpoint our items when needed. Lack of finding essential articles repeatedly can increase stress levels and reduce our capacity to think clearly.

Reduces Productivity

Sitting in front of clusters of items and novelties can get you easily distracted since it drives your attention to other things. Further, studies suggest that on an average week, employees lose 4.3 hours searching items, and in turn, a loss of an hour on productivity.

Prolongs Timely Deliverance

Searching for items gets the best of our time, which begins to take up our timely deliverance of work. This causes us to spend more time at work and creates an imbalance between work and personal life.

Staying organized hence would leave us at optimal efficiency at work, even while we're crunching it from home. Here are seven tips that can help stay at bay from messy, unproductive work desks. 

Work on Your Layout

The better your desk layout, the better focused you'll stay. Keeping your monitor or laptop in front of you, while frequently utilized stationery and articles stay on your dominant side, will keep your attention and reach on the right track. 

Optimize Storage Space

Invest in organized dividers to keep everything in its rightful place. This will help in maintaining clarity of placement, instead of stacking everything onto one shelf or drawer. 

Organize Tasks

By keeping a to-do list and a notepad handy, you will have your ideas aligned and created,  leaving you with a clear mind to focus skillfully on your tasks. You can do this with your sticky notes and a classic journal, or if you're a digital addict, there are impressive productivity apps that enable you to organize your task manager. Here's a link on a few apps we recommend you give a try https://www.workamp.co/post/4-productivity-tools-that-we-love

Focus on One Thing

We love to brag about being a multitasker, but focusing on doing one thing at a time, eliminates the wasteful time in transitioning between different tasks. While working on a job, it would be worthwhile to only place elements on the desk that are needed to complete that particular job. This keeps you from getting distracted. 


Over time, we begin to pile on items that have depleted significance. It's best to spare time and audit out what is relevant and irrelevant for future reference at work. These items can be stored away from the desk and can shift into drawer cabinets. 

Place a Trash Can

We tend to make messes while snacking or doodling ideas onto our notepads and need to take a trip to the bin. Instead, keeping a small handy bin close allows you to quickly clean up and declutter yourself, reducing your frequency of unnecessary trips.

Wipe Down

At the end of the day, make it a note to clear up the tabletop and put things back in order. This will help you call it an end to your day, and come back to your desk, feeling refreshed and ready to start anew. 

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