A new milestone at Cityflo called for an exciting workspace to elevate the company’s spirit

Cityflo is a daily commute company currently helping professionals in Mumbai and Thane travel to work. With spectacular buses, a simple app and smart route design, their service offers a comfortable and relaxing experience that lets their clients make the most of their commute time.

Stepping into a new milestone, Cityflo needed a workspace that understood the demands of the growing company while allowing them to explore their values and culture in depth.

An open and collaborative culture

With the growth spurt at hand, Cityflo needed to build a concrete identity to keep the central goal alive of the company. Cityflos’ supportive values towards their target users needed to be resembled in its workspace.

Cityflo operates in a clan culture that allows every employee to be a team player, collaborate with each other and endorse a family environment. To celebrate this culture within the workspace, we created an open office layout to maintain transparency and support team spirit along with the ease to foster collaborations. We recognize office spaces as not just amortized assets but a strategic tool for growth. We designed the workspace in a way which would favour engagement, exploration and energy to achieve their outcomes. We created a space for them that would increase the likelihood of collisions.

Flexibility to change

As Cityflo needed space to explore the present and future requirements of the company, we assembled a workspace setup that promotes diversity and flexibility among employees while providing a range of different spaces to support the different kinds of work performed in the course of a day.

Workstations are designed in such a way that they can be easily reoriented, moved around and stacked away to make space for town halls, etc while the conference rooms can be combined into a larger room for impromptu all hands meetings or the periodic board meetings.

A mix of open and enclosed areas, “I” spaces and “We” spaces, combine to give people choices and empower them to find the spaces and tools appropriate to the work at hand, which in turn lowers stress levels and increases vitality and connectedness with others.

Employee well-being

Cityflo realised that there is an emerging opportunity for them and effectively planned their office space design with us to promote employee well-being. We ensured that we would deliver a space that would support user control and ch

anging posture and incorporate natural elements like abundance of daylight. To address the physical and psychological concerns of people, we created mini breakout spaces, a terrace area with a view for employees to discuss beyond work. For a better reste

d workforce, a corner is specially designed to clock off and take naps and all of this is to cater to employee well being.

Standing while working for at least 30 minutes a day can have a remarkable impact and can decrease stress levels. Hence our team incorporated standing desks and standing meeting tables in the workspace. Don’t forget the walking track which helps the employees beat slumber at work.

Cityflo’s workspace is designed for tomorrow. They believe that people at different levels can help each other, the office can provide the comfort of home, and everyone can look forward to Mondays if they find real meaning in what they do. At WorkAmp we see workspaces as pillars for employee happiness, and therefore of business success and hence we came up with a space for Cityflo which is more than a functional space. It is a space that will bring a new chapter for the company with a space that would spark Cityflos’ culture and embrace the constant changes that come by, the new workspace is a symbol of Work to Live.

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