A Room to Enhance PowerPlay 

Brief Provided: 

To ensure a company can effectively conduct quick negotiations with external parties, a room needed to resemble the face of the company and to cater to the visitor's requirements. 

The End Result: 

We took a moment to deeply understand the daily operations of the company and devised a solution that enhanced their work experience. 

A Huddle Room was created adjacent to the reception. The proximity ensures the external visitors are catered to their every need.

The interesting part of the room are the elements that enhance psychological play on negotiations. The furniture layout paired with the perfect lighting brings the focus onto the external party, creating depth to power dynamics within the Room. 

The Room would encounter heavy footfall and hence, required tiled carpeting to endure and suffice frequent usage, and the walls feature the company’s enthusiastic brand.  

We bring a Room that focuses on objective-driven solutions as well as human behavioral psychology.

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