Admirable Office Designs And Trends And Why We Love Them

Workspaces have come a long way from where it started. From cubicles to hot desks, to relaxing lounges, workspaces over the last few years have seen a significant rise in wellness for employees. As the workspaces evolve into becoming a jewel for its daily inhabitants, however, we have witnessed an unexpected adoption of remote working. 

So far, remote working has allowed us to focus our time that we previously lost in commutes or long, exhausting meetings that are now more convenient from the comforts of our homes. Nonetheless, collaboration is still at broad concerns during these times, hence, leaving the workspace to be an inevitable part of our daily work life and remain to show resilience and charm regardless of what's to come forth. 

Here are a few trends we believe are timeless and a few that can make their way into the new norms of workspace designs.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

With the sudden rise of the pandemic, we have all succumbed to the remote working lifestyle. And as we have now settled into the abrupt change, workspaces may show a rise of hospitable spaces. These are spaces that thrive a sense of homely environment, including several amenities reflecting comfort and wellness to ensure that employees feel at home with the workspace. 

With a recent study concerning over 53% of the population preferring to work from home will now also compile an increased percentage post-pandemic, companies will have to consider bringing the essence of home into their workspaces-minus the chores, ensuring to retain their employees' comforts and experience. 

Eco- Friendly Bandwagon

Although the sustainable train has been around for quite some time, companies are exploring the depths of this trend. Not only does sustainability encourage a wellbeing connection between nature and humans, it even allows a company to enjoy the benefits of capital efficiency. As materials are either recycled or native to the environment, they double as earthy yet cost-effective elements to the workplace, leaving the company to put their capital to optimum benefits. 

Further, sustainability is leaping towards innovation as RND performs visionary approaches to infrastructure with the combination of natural resources. For instance, an office complex in New Delhi will incorporate the use of sustainable material such as bentonite clay, a natural purifier, in its internal and external walls to retract and filter out pollution in the harbored capital of the country. 

Dynamic Spaces

Gone are the days of bulky, permanently placed workspace furniture, as companies have come to understand the benefits of the flexibility of office furniture. 

New and improved workspaces now explore the endless possibilities of adaptation and flexibility as furniture becomes more ergonomic, lightweight, universally designed, and even customized with wheels for movement, allowing companies to create refreshing new layouts without having to pay the price of re-furnishing. 

Moreover, with the post-pandemic outline, companies will also be able to maintain safe distancing as work-desks become easier to relocate, making this trend one to stay for the long haul.

Branding It Up

Companies are now beginning to market and brand their workspace using the power of design. Companies want their audience to be able to reflect the vision, values, and practices followed by them. Creating areas that welcome potential clients and spectators, to represent the voice of the company, will allow generating a sense of dedication and loyalty towards their audience, and potentially establish the goodwill of the company. 

Employees will also feel motivated and driven to work according to the company's values. And will ensure to retain their young workforce as they are no longer satisfied with the salary alone. 

The trends we love, prove to resemble the potentials of a workspace and allow the company to make the best decisions when it comes to the wellness of its employees, its social responsibilities, its environment, and its reputation as a brand.

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