Amp your Work. Even at Home.

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The pandemic has created a new norm of working from home, and it's getting difficult to channel motivation and productivity by the day. But with the help of these tips and tricks, you can amp up your energy and spirit, and streamline yourselves to work better.

Keep a Task Manager 

One of the easiest ways to keep track of everything that follows your day is by maintaining a task journal. Something that can allow you to know exactly how you're planning to work for the day, on what projects, and everything that is to be done by the end of the day. This will keep things organized and easy to stay focused on, especially when distractions try to get the best of you. A handy manual planner would work well or hop on to a digital source to suit your comforts. Here are a few apps that we recommend you give a try

Assign a Personal Workspace 

When having to work from home seems to be the only option, what is in your control is where you plan to work from inside your home. This should ideally be spaces with the least amount of distractions, like noise, or limits the constant interaction of other members at home. A space that allows for an uninterrupted wireless network, with high internet speed, would work best to keep you well engaged with your remote team members seamlessly.

Wear Work Attire 

The greatest perk that seems to be unmatched is in having no restriction on what you wear while you comfortably work from home. However, what begins to happen over time is the lack of motivation to work at all. You will start to get far too comfortable to stay focused on your work, and this will, in turn, reduce your motivation to complete tasks, causing you to slack off. By wearing clothes that are comfortable enough to work at your designated spot should help you stay on track with work and stay productive throughout the day.

Take a Breather

We seem to engulf ourselves far too deep into our work lives and sidetrack our personal lives while staying home. However, this will eventually cause us to burn out and will result in slacking off from work. Hence, we must restore balance to stay consistent with our productivity. This can be done by taking out the time to relax and taking a step back from work. Studies suggest that productivity links to taking 17-minute breaks at every 52 minutes of work time. Taking breaks at a stretch or breaking them down into smaller ones is up to personal choice. It is also much more beneficial to take these breaks away from the assigned workspace so you can focus on recharging yourself to work better once you return.

Create a Routine

A long, never-ending day at your home work-desk could easily get you demotivated. it's also more likely to reduce your pace of work since you don't set a quit-time to end the day at your virtual office. It would be in the best interest to set up timely schedules of working at home. Set a start time and a punch-out time. This will not only create a routine to work around, but would also help you complete everything that's on your planner in the allotted time that you created. 

With a little bit of determination, these tips can come in handy to create a work environment that won't just get the job done, but will also help you boost your productivity and amplify your efficiency all the while you stay safe.

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