Commqui's evocative headquarters is bringing glee at their new workspace

Commqui Technologies Private Limited, an IT, ITES and business process service management company, wanted a workspace that reflects upon its brand identity. Four walls that reflect Commqui’s brand and an environment that will have a direct effect on the employee’s productivity, we designed and built a workspace in an organized manner to ensure optimum space utilization without clutter.

Enhancing the work experience  

Designing for our clients goes wider and deeper than just the aesthetic response. Our design process includes deep thought around human interaction, community engagement and employee satisfaction. These elements are as important to creating a functional and productive workspace as any other aspect of the design/build process. Commqui being an outsourcing company ardently works in multiple shifts and different time zones and hence the resources can be working at all times of the day which can be draining.

The workspace designed for Commqui incorporates a feeling of hustling towards the daily grind while letting the team members slow down, relax, recharge and engage in lighthearted activities with each other to unwind during and at the end of an impactful day. Not being cramped in a space and having a space which is aesthetically appealing impacts positively. The green HVAC ducts and red floor tiles add the needed vibrance while breaking the monotony of the workspace.

Spaces that adorn a sense of engagement, are the spacious cafeteria to spruce up, vibrant and exciting breakout zones for spontaneous and relaxed conversations, with comforting elements like cozy chairs to kick back, repose, and re-energize for a sprinted grind.

Safe and Secure

Commqui understands the increasing importance of ‘Information security culture’ as data theft/data leaks are faced by most outsourcing organisations. To ensure data privacy, lockers were customised and specially designed for Commqui. We were able to provide units for individual storage for all employees to use. All units are lockable and are easily accessible. Placed at the entrance, they ensure the organisation has total control of what items are being carried to the floor while the trained security force can seamlessly frisk the floor occupiers.

Amongst the other well known and financially savvy methods for giving security in the workspace for Commqui is CCTV surveillance and attendance monitoring. The cameras ensure that there are no blind spots and aids in protecting internal data threats. Additionally, the feature of monitoring and recording attendance, leave records and break timings of employees becomes easy for managers to track.

A human magnet

A secondary aspect for Commqui was to create a space that makes their customers feel comfortable and at home. Commqui, being in the outsourcing space, needs to bring in comfort and induce trust in their customers.

We rejoiced in the hospitality of the company through crafted comfort for its visitors. The executive areas are gracious when it comes to its spans, and celebrate high quality, exuberant elements that puts anyone into a sense of significance and home within a workspace.

Apart from being spacious, the executive cabin has a bright colour palette which is displayed in its wall paint. The carpet and loose furniture with pine wood accents in the desk, credenza and storage shelves add the warmth required.

The cozy huddle, which is also dedicated for meetings, is a room furnished with a large sofa and accent chairs which provide a comfortable space for long meetings while still presenting a formal setup.

Commqui has a well-lit, and adequately furnished space that improves workers' moods, while enough room to productively accomplish tasks as diverse as the processes. As the world of work adapts to new technology and design trends, we at WorkAmp ensure delivering a space that the client needs and not just wants.

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