Creating Inspiring Experiences Through Purposeful Design

When we think about design, we often seem to put the notion that it is the visuals that stimulate us to perceive its significance and success. But what we don't seem to understand is that design has the power to motivate more than just the eye but also enables us to practicalize and empathize and molds inspiration in ourselves, and this comes through with purposeful designs. 

Designs that go beyond the allure of sight; that can dive deeper into its intention and can instigate a positive response are the essence of purposeful design.

The Key Is In Three 

There are three pillars to obtaining purposeful design that benefit the user to experience inspiration and motivation to linger onto the solution to grow better and connect deeper to their environment. 

Informed, empathetic, and exciting designs together form the depth of purposeful design and are guidelines for building one. Further, none of the two can replace the third characteristic to establish the final goal. For instance, a design that lacks informed knowledge would only be a solution that's fun and engaging without understanding the profoundness of its existence.  

Informed Knowledge

To build the foundation of perfectly sound and objective-driven design, collection and analysis of data are imperative to this problem- solving approach. An adequate design solution is one that can understand the purpose and requirements of the user, with the company and the organization, and analyze the appropriate needs to tackle the problem.

Hence, asking the right questions will gain the momentum to create sound solutions that directly impact the problems and eradicate them. 

Empathetic Towards The Users

Design is first and foremost for humans, and as humans, we have distinct emotional needs that make us unique from each other. To understand these needs, we must explore the user and their behavior to create spaces that reflect and support them. Do they crave connectivity, socializing, or are they looking for motivation, a space to confide in, or allow them to explore their creativity, or maybe a balance between emotional and cognitive empathy? 

These are some of the many emotions that can enhance the experience of the target users to charge their mind to stay motivated and inspired while also fulfilling their supportive spirit towards each other.

Exciting Designs 

When approaching a solution in design, it's important to channel the senses of human emotions into the space to bring liveliness and positive response of users towards the space. There are three surfaces of emotions that explore the excitement that design can tap into for users. The first surface would be the instinctive response to the space, which is the sight and feel of the space. The second is a responsive level of emotion that explores how the user interacts and reacts with the space to dwell functionality and its overall experience. And the third is a retained level of emotion that explores the depth of the space to the users' connectivity and bond towards the solution.  

Choose Purposeful Design 

Design is a process from an exterior perspective, seems to a user a space that inhabits their action. But in reality, a purposeful design dwells a sense of connectivity between the built environment and its user. It fosters to care for inspiration, motivation, growth, and engagement with users and kindles a bond within the space. 

As for the design realm, the purposeful design solution brings the community in the limelight of redefining the credible power of design. It also brings the consistent involvement of the clients into the process of designing, which creates connectivity between designers and the end-users, lending design the significance of touching human lives, one space at a time.

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