Creative Workspaces. A Fad Or Making Real Impact?

Creativity is an inherent trait that Is more vocal in some than others, as they require some effort to tap into it. Individuals that find it relatively more ”wired” may need few to no tools to help their juices flowing. But for the rest of us, creativity is a process of finding clarity and deep-thinking, which may require external forces to push the drivers in the right direction. But the question is- Do these drivers compel a physical space to churn our creative wheel? Or is that just a myth? 

What Is Creative Thinking? 

The moment we try to produce new ideas to solve problems, we are tapping into creative thinking. Creative thinking is the process of spontaneous and controlled thinking to generate new ideas and evaluate their execution. 

A few individuals among us think creatively much better.  Research suggests that these individuals are also the kind who are actively engaged in creative hobbies like painting, singing, playing an instrument, and many more. But that does not mean the rest among them lack creative thinking. Whether it is to improvise on a last-minute outfit or writing out a birthday card, we all experience creative thinking in our daily lives.

Rewire Our Creative Caps

Some ways are proven to enhance the quality of creative capacity, and they happen to link with habitual behaviors.

Stressless Sleeping to Stroke Ideas 

Studies show that when our minds rest from stress and anxiety, we tend to think clearly and allow ourselves to bring fresher ideas to the table. Napping-breaks enable in problem-solving as thoughts get pieced together into possible outcomes.

Laying Off Switches On Creativity

We are more able to think creatively on our off- hours. The hours we tend to take a break from problem-solving is when we can give time to the spontaneous, eureka moment, which brings more insight to creative thinking. 

Positivity Prompts Creativity 

Studies show that people who are more independently motivated and generally open personalities are often more creative than others. The myth that the blues spark creative thinking ends with this study. 

Social Groups Spark Ideas

Conversing with diverse social groups allows us to gain varied perspectives from unique thinkers, and this adapts the mind to work in more ways than one.

Creative Bubbles Are Real 

Sure, creativity is in mind and works everywhere and anywhere without a prompt. But a designated space can, however, enhance its quality. Here is how creative bubbles make a real impact.

Breaks Mental Blocks 

Mental blocks can be an issue when it comes to problem-solving. Having a space to take a breather allows us to recollect and compose thoughts into a streamlined frame of ideas. 

Creates Socialising chains

A space that can enable conversations between other individuals allows us to share our thoughts and create a safe space with a sense of openness and trust with each other.  We instantly boost ourselves to keep churning creative ideas this way.

Inspires and Motivates Us

Spaces have the power to bring inspiration and motivation around us, just like people can. Having areas that are encouraging and promoting to feel better can help us think positively.

Build Bubbles Anywhere

Dedicated spaces require making space for one. However, there's a way to build creative bubbles without having to spare more room for it. 

Inspo Walls 

Use vertical ways to create inspirational ideas and pin-up boards to build motivation around yourself. 

Creative Corners 

You can readapt empty corners of a room to build productive bubbles. A cozy hammock, reading nooks, or even a small gaming space will get the juices flowing!

Switch Up Spaces 

If one space isn't getting you to think better, try and shift yourself to another spot. You can even try and sit around others to gain some spontaneous interactions to help out. 

Dynamic Desking 

Working with like-minded people is great, but working in new surroundings with a fresh perspective will benefit your mind to think uniquely.

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