Does Snacking Increase Productivity?

Whether it's a slow day at work or a pressurizing deadline to crush, we all need a little bit of an energy booster, and coffee runs are not the answer.

Snacking is a good source of satisfying that peckish feeling when you engross yourself in work, but not everyone knows that it can do much more than ward off hunger. Some but not all snacks can enhance your performance at work, or just about anything!

Are There Anything As Bad Snacks?

Well, if there's one thing we know, foods do have an impact on our bodies. Research suggests that our brain consumes 20% of our body's diet, meaning everything we eat affects our mental health. The phrase- A healthy mind in a healthy body stands for its unshakable truth. 

The Junk

Foods that are high in sodium levels and saturated fats, while only providing dead calories, is a no brainer to avoid. These foods lead us to feel sluggish while only providing us with crash energy, the reason for being an enormous increase in our blood sugar. Research shows that 24 grams of blood sugar keep us to stay productive. To prevent this from fluctuating, we must cut off sugary drinks and snacks from our diets. 

Make Room for The Good

Now that we've tackled the bad, eating habits let's focus on the good.

For healthy snacks to perform their best, we need to make sure that our diet is healthy and balanced as well. With that said, snacks that are quick, easy, and ready to eat are the most convenient forms to have on your work desk. Here are a few we think you'll enjoy and are probably already in your pantry.


Oats and finger millet are low in sugar level and complex carbs, which means that they are satisfying and release energy over time and won't give you a crash. 

Snack options - granola Bar and yogurt / Ragi chips 

Fresh Fruits 

Bananas have a perfect sugar level and contain enough glucose to bank in for a day, making them an excellent power snack. Apples are rich in antioxidants that enhance memory and prove to be excellent productive fruit.

Snack option - peanut butter dip and sliced fruits

Dried fruits

Dried raisins and berries are full of antioxidants, vitamins that enhance brain power, so you stay fueled at work. The darker the berries, the richer their source.

Snack option - Add to granola mix and yogurt 


Almonds and walnuts are high sources of protein and fats, and antioxidants that boost memory, making it another super snack while keeping you satisfied.

Snack option - Nuts and dried berry mix  


Dark chocolate is rich in caffeine, which gives you the right energy and also carries magnesium, which reduces stress levels. A quarter of a bar would be the perfect treat to end your tiring day. 

Quick Tip- create a quick and easy yogurt parfait that incorporates as many super snacks as you like!


Last on the list, but an absolute essential. Drinking eight glasses of water will keep you hydrated and enables you to think better and with clarity during the day. 

Time Your Snacks Right 

Yes, while snacks are a great source of nutrients, they need to be munched during the right times of the day. Research suggests that late-night snacking by individuals working during late hours causes higher blood sugar levels in the body. Studies also signify that poorly clocked snacks to an extension can cause cardiovascular problems.

12 Hour Rule

It is always best to have all meals within 12 hours of the day, keeping the heaviest to be your first meal and the lightest to be your last. Mindless snacking will be the least of your problems then. 

Denser to Lighter Snacks

Another great rule of thumb would be to plan your meals to be of higher nutrient and calorie values during the day and lighter ones as the day progresses. With this practice, your sugar levels would stay managed, you will perform better, and your body will thank you for it.

These tips and tricks should now help you stay at your best with work and health. All that's left to do now is snack away!

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