Getting Into Your Next Kickass Workspace Shouldn't Be This Difficult

Transitioning into a new workspace, whether that's to expand the company or to move to a convenient locality, is an exciting and empowering stage for a company. However, the challenges that come from the process of transition can overwhelm the feeling of excitement and quickly shift to exhaustion. 

Once a company decides to make its next move, different stages of the transition begin to take place. 

Selection of Property

When planning on making a shift, selecting an efficient property is the first step in solidifying the decision. Therefore, a keen observation of beneficial properties is integral. Brokers provide over 40 choices, and the company then shortlists these into viable options. 

Selection of a Designer and Planner

Post selection of a suitable property comes planning and designing of the awaited new workspace. Several designers are shortlisted and tested out to ensure that the workspace is sound, well planned, and translates the company's values and practices. 

Selection of a Contractor

In the unlikely event of a design firm that solely functions to create designs, a company will have to seek a contractor to execute its finalized designs. This imposes the burden of selecting a reputed vendor who can handle the designs created.

Settling into the New

Stepping into a new workspace calls for a few challenges in settling seamlessly. Managing a new workspace requires time and understanding of the newly adopted environment. 

During the transition phase, these identified stages create a direct impact on the operations of a company, creating a hamper in the overall pace of work in achieving company goals.

Long Chain of mediators

With the understanding of the process that takes place when shifting, there are multiple lines of communication that a company needs to engage consistently with while having to equally perform well at work. Further,  an extended line of communication extends the period of the transition than initially estimated. 

Reduction in Productivity 

When having to multitask at work, while staying updated in the process of moving, focus on core activities takes a hit, and productivity at work declines.  This reduces the pace of achieving company goals and leads to extending days into goals that previously wouldn't take this long to accomplish. 

Employee Coordination 

Keeping track of what prolongs at work or what accomplishes gets disrupted as focal attention drifts away. Further, employees also need to be updated with the proceeding of the new workspace, so they are well prepared to clear out their desks to move out. If not informed prior, this could further lead to losing time on work.

Poorly managed workspace 

After moving into a new environment, challenges of managing the space settle in. This could be anything ranging from daily activities to requiring new helpers at the workspace. This, in turn, hampers the seamless functioning of the workplace.

One-stop Solution


The burdening challenges that come from an exciting new milestone for a company can create a feeling of second-guessing their decision.   To ensure that a company can stay positive with their thorough decision, we at Workamp have created a one-stop solution to take care of the company's hassles, giving it the freedom to focus on its main goals.

We Select 

Workamp analyses the requirements of a company and studies the right properties set forth. The company selects a suitable property from the choice of three, which reduces the time they would lose otherwise. 

We Design

Workamp works with an insightful strategy of understanding the company's values and its employees to generate a unique workspace that perfectly complements every facet of the company. 

We Build

Executing designs with Workamp allows companies to stay focused on their objectives while Workamp achieves theirs with the company's designs, keeping quality in check as well as budget in mind.  

We Manage

Workamp not only designs and executes their projects but also makes sure that the workspace is maintained and allows for seamless functioning throughout the day. Leaving the company to do what they're good at and leaving the rest to us. 

With everything being organized and delivered under a single umbrella, companies can rest assured that they will no longer grieve the decision of stepping into a new beginning.

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