Hacks to Maximize Work Productivity

We possibly could not have perceived a time where our lives would come to a halt from the outdoors and disconnect us from our physical surroundings as we have in the past couple of months. And yet, somehow, we have worked out a way to perform our work from home. 

But needlessly, there are days and even weeks of being low, unmatched, and tired to keep the grind up. 

However, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will help you take things one at a time. At the right pace and charge you to give your best with no stress involved. 

Making Our Habits Count 

To make clear that we build our working patterns into muscle-memories, we need to move from the roots of our habits. 

The quicker we work on our productive patterns, the easier it becomes to blend them into our work-life. Here's what we believe are habits to make concrete, and for bonus, we’ve recommended some great apps that can charge the process. 

Focus On What Truly Matters 

We often believe that working on many things at once will get us to complete them all faster, leaving us with more time to do more important things. But on the contrary, it is the opposite. We get more quality work done when we can focus on one at a time, and this helps us not fall into the trap of taking up more responsibilities than we already cope with, reducing our chances of overwhelming burnouts. 

There's an app that integrates fun into staying motivated when building new habits. Habitica is a habit tracking app that allows you to create an avatar that celebrates and grows with you on your accomplishing new habits. 

Rewarding Our Accomplishments 

Although there's still time we get back to our work buddies, there is, however, a virtual buddy that can substitute for a while. 

The app Forest is an interactive way to reward ourselves virtually for the good we've done at work. Forest allows you to plant a seed and set a timer to go off without exiting the app to fall into the digital pit of distractions. Once accomplished, you have a full-grown tree as a reward. The app also plants a real tree against every virtual one, so your bonus goes beyond just saving you.

Learning To Take A Break 

It's much easier said than done when it comes to giving yourself a break. It is, however, vital to take away from long working hours to rejuvenate yourself. The Pomodoro technique of sprinting 25 minutes of focused work with a 5-minute break is one habit that goes a long way. 

Fortunately, there's an app that helps us stay true to our new habit of taking productive breaks.  Just use Be Focused to track your time and set breaks and intervals to your liking, all the while, it takes care of your task achievements and accomplishments. 

Organizing To Gain Back Time 

It's a no-brainer that staying organized keeps everything in its rightful place, even when it comes to shuffling some leisure time.  Face it- there have been work days that never ended because we never allowed them to.   But a little organizing can help us from falling into a bottomless pit of disasters. 

There's a productive app that sorts out your tasks and helps you set them according to their priority. To- Doist offers to create to-do lists, set reminders, and allows them to fix these assignments based on their importance.

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