Hella Vamps Its New Headquarters To Sport Their Adrenalin

Hella Infra Market is excelling its appearance in the infrastructure Industry. With construction materials being their core products, Infra Market has radically changed the perception of dealing with these materials in the conventional format. Hella comes with the solution to a one-stop service where clients can procure, receive, manage customer inventories all under one roof. They seek to take this further and create a state of the art infrastructure material platform

From Problems To Solutions

Hella was looking to relocate themselves from two offices into a larger one that represents their personality like never before. They needed their workspace to speak volumes, both literally and figuratively.

Inclusive Of Every Team Player

Having to manage over a hundred daily deliveries and projects, with over two hundred employees, Hella needed their workspace to create a place for everyone. A space that could support  the companies spirit and values, while embedding the same into its backbone- employees. Hence, an extensive study of the company’s culture was critical to understand the company's voice. 

Solution- Unified Spirits 

The name Hella comes from the supervillain character in the Marvel Universe. Marvel, being a franchise that has stolen the hearts of all and was the perfect piece of the puzzle to uniting all the employees. The branding of Hella revolves around marvel superheroes clubbed in the universe of infrastructure. The workspace not only brought the pop and vibrancy into it but also attracts the volumes of the large expanse of spaces and the face of the company.

Team Connectivity

Integrating their hierarchical culture in the office space, Hella needed to ensure that there was connectivity and interaction between each level, to produce a seamless mode of communication and operation. A thorough analysis of data around the proximity of each reporting level was deemed essential to tackle the crisis effectively. 

Solution- The Atomic Workspace Design 

While branding brought the interests of the team members together, it had to go much beyond and relish the depths of the workspace itself. 

The hierarchical structure of Hella consisted of teams reporting to their sub-managers and managers, and the managers reporting to the directors, with the latter two needing privacy and the former needing collaboration.

Spaces were, therefore, created with the approach of atomic design. Atomic designing understands the needs of each hierarchy and allows them to interact directly or indirectly with each other. 

Teams perform at workstations that connect to the cubicles of sub managers. They are then further connected to manager cabins and director cabins. 

Each cabin is designed linear and adjacent to each other, and are thus indirectly connected. The approach ensured that every group was in contact with their reporting group, reducing any connectivity hindrance during work. 

Fellowship with Spectators

With over eighty high profile partners at Hella, the workspace no doubt would be required to capture the interests and experiences of these clients and potential clients. Hella wanted to make sure that the guests wouldn't feel like guests, but more at home when visiting the workspace. Understanding the traits of the target audience and to replicate them in creative and exciting ways was required.

Solution- Crafting Comfort From Within

Hella inculcates a feeling of value and gratefulness when it comes to inviting its spectators into their spaces. Hospitality and generosity is the value of the company and had to be expressed in more than the sheer human touch. 

We rejoiced in the hospitality of the company through crafted comfort for its visitors. Areas are gracious when it comes to its spans, and celebrate high quality, exuberant elements that puts anyone into a sense of significance and  home within a workspace.

An addition of resting lounges into the workspace allows clients on their quick business trips with the choice to settle in, ensuring that their stay is welcomed and taken care of. Creating these spaces brought the added advantage to Hella by providing clients with a sense of belonging and value in the workspace.

Enhancing Employee Experience 

As the company advances towards its milestones, Hella wanted to create a workspace that could enrich its members' work experience. They wanted the employees to have a diverse flow of the intense working atmosphere while balancing it with a sense of comfort, engagement, and relaxation within the work environment.

Solution- Balanced Wellness Workspace 

The workspace at Hella incorporates a feeling of hustling towards the daily grind while letting the team members slow down, relax, recharge and engage in lighthearted activities with each other to unwind during and at the end of an impactful day. 

Spaces that adorn a sense of engagement are the spacious cafeteria to spruce up, vibrant and exciting breakout zones for spontaneous and relaxed conversations, with comforting elements like cozy couches and throws to kick back, repose, and re-energize for a sprinted grind.

Rewarding Experience

There were multiple elements to look at while solving the problems addressed by Hella. These elements included several attributes reflecting the functionality and the culture of the workplace.

The new and enhanced, exciting, and thrilling, energetic, and volumetric workspace is now the highlight of Hella Infra Market’s culture and spirit. To employees feeling a sense of encouragement and motivation, to cater visitors with perfection, the balanced workspace completes to charge the accelerated and driven work at Hella. 

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