It's Not Just a Workspace, But an Experience at Zilingo

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Zilingo is a fast-growing business platform in the fashion industry that has spread widely across the globe with eight other locations while its headquarters are in Singapore. With one of their locations being Mumbai, and having 20 employees at the time, Zilingo wanted to attract new talent to their company and needed their workspace to announce that for them. They wanted their workplace to be just as kickass as their Headquarters, if not more. 

Problems Identified 

Zilingo was making a shift of their workspace from Khar and decided to create a brand new setting for their upcoming ventures into Lower Parel. They required a workspace that would be perfectly sound and understanding of their needs.

A Space That Speaks Our Language

With 20 employees situated in Zilingo and the majority being young and experimental minds, Zilingo wanted a space that could not only attract more like-minded talent but also a space that could promote their team-spirited, family culture. Catering to this need required to understand the demographic being targeted at the workspace. Further, having to create an experience that would allow the users to enhance their productivity and overall requirements at the workspace was essential .

Helps Us Ace at Work

As the company is a B2B servicing platform, needing to communicate across the globe around the clock, Zilingo needed its prime operation of the company to work with ease and seamlessly throughout the day. It was essential for us to monitor the daily operations that took place at Zilingo with their team, understand the frequency of communication that takes place at work, and create resolutions that would provide the team with tailored and enriched work experience and boost their productivity.

Vocalize Experience at Zilingo 

Zilingo is a global platform that needs to portray themselves in the limelight towards their clients and guests. The team required that their visitors experience Zilingo for their robust identity and enthusiasts working at the workspace and needed their visitors to enter and leave the space with a sense of belonging and gain loyalty towards Zilingo. Understanding the profile of the visitors and frequency of their visits allowed for providing tailored requirements to satisfy their needs.


Vibrant and Inspiring Aesthetics

Millennial and Gen Z are bold, energetic, and fast-paced individuals that require flexibility in their environment. Creating a workspace that excites them and allows them to boost their productivity and keep them constantly engaged with each other to collaborate is key.

An open planned workspace with flexible workstations is the need of the hour for young minds to dwell in to create magic and allows everyone in the room to feel like they belong. Zilingos' clan culture resonates within the space giving everyone the freedom to collaborate and engage freely and ignites their team spirit. 

Translating excitement into the workspace with Zilingos' brand in mind, pop of colors that evoke bold and fearless attitude made its way into their abode. Breakout spaces with thrilling games and a quick snoozing hammock brought in the balance between work and play. Using ample natural lighting and greenery to translate outdoors into the indoors keeps the employees productive and fresh throughout the day.

Convenient Communication

As Zilingo essentially deals with communication for their operations, a solution to provide convenient spaces for networking seemed essential. Creating spaces that would generate seamless communication and connections with businesses around the world was solved with the help of call booths. These are stationed at the workspace and enclosed individually,  creating a total of 12 booths to allow multiple calls at any time of the day for any number of teams, maximum for 4 and a minimum of 1, to gather and communicate. This allowed Zilingo to function at the workspace with ease and fine-tuned the operations to work efficiently.  

Orchestrated Experience 

Zilingos workspace was planned and designed to create an experience that could celebrate what the company stands for. Spaces that invite and welcome guests and clients is the reception area and the conference room. But the areas that form as a transition between the two was targeted to provide visitors an insight to the functioning of Zilingos workspace on any given day. This allows the visitors to experience Zilingo in all its aspects and creates a sense of understanding and loyalty towards the targeted clients and guests. 

Spaces such as the reception and conference rooms reflected Zilingos' brand as well as incorporated high-end premium materials and amenities into the spaces. Rooms integrated the use of reflective surfaces and metallic paintwork accentuating sleek furniture and creating bold, sumptuous, and stunning spaces to conduct meetings in. The space is equipped with smart screening for global conferences.

Tie it All together 

Targeting the problems and eliminating them also required to blend spaces together. Using elements with Zilingos brand and culture, with a pop of right hues such as red, ocher yellow, and purple, inculcating greenery and openness, and connecting spaces with a focal pattern, brought in uniformity to the entire workspace and created a cohesive identity of the company, 

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