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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

When running a business, there are dozens of activities required to attend. These are not only the company's core operations but also involve their non-core activities. While one may assume that non-core activities are not the best interest of the company, on the contrary, if taken care of properly, they would allow the company to optimize on their time, cost, and productivity of their employees.  

Non-core activities involve service aspects that are not directly related to the value proposition of the firm. These include activities such as maintenance in terms of workspace, amenities, and systems. At first, these activities seem highly unnecessary to cater importance to, but their smooth operation allows for core activities to function seamlessly. 

For instance, If a law firm's core activity is to produce legal documents, a non-core activity like replacing empty printer cartridges is to be kept in mind for the core activity to function seamlessly.

Non-core activities can be preempted to ensure the company doesn't lose out on time and efficiency while operating, rather than having to firefight them. Firefighting would mean taking actions when a problem arises with the activities, whereas preemptive measures would eliminate the probability of the problem itself. 

Workamp has understood the importance of non-core activities and has devised a systematic plan to look after them with diligence and efficiency.

Identifying and Classifying Activities 

Workamp not only identifies these problems before they arise but also bifurcates them into preemptible and non-preemptible. For instance, a non-core activity such as restocking of paper is preemptive, whereas the occurrence of a natural calamity isn't. At a granular level, there are over 200 problems that workamp has identified and classified to preempt rather than firefight. 

Creating Preemptive Checklists 

A thorough checklist is created post identifying and classifying problems.

These checklists are categorized by daily, weekly, and monthly since every preemptible problem would have its frequency of occurrence. For instance, maintenance of surveillance would be of a daily requirement, whereas maintenance of the electricity bill would be monthly.  These checklists would be concerned with the admin of the company. 


Items that do not get ticked off on their checklists get rectified. These items are pre-established based on identified problems. When they do not check off, a corresponding task creates in its place. Supposing the admin does not check off the maintenance of daily emails, a task gets created to get to it. This ensures the company to stay vigilant with their up-keep. The rectification of non-preemptible problems takes place by creating solutions and pre-hand training to the employees.


  • Seamless operation

The philosophy behind workspace management is to allow companies to experience workspace like never before, by allowing them to function seamlessly throughout its course of operations. 

  • Capital efficiency

With the right management of these activities, a company can ensure a reduction in its cost of operation. A company can seek to bulk purchase pantry items or stationery items instead of purchasing at a retail price. 

  • Optimization

It allows optimizing the operations of a company by collecting data and analytics of the frequency of preemptive measures. The more data that is collected and analyzed over time, more the efficiency of the company is charted out. 

  • Convenience

Workamp further assists companies by automating the management of workspace, allowing the company even more convenience in their management activities. The entire process would then run swiftly with an automated system to guide through.

With so much to work with apart from what a company primarily stands for, having someone handle the burdens of managing non-core activities will allow the company to stay focused on their ball game.  As the renowned saying goes, ”Prevention is better than cure” stands true to preempting problems before they hamper a company's daily operations.

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