Save Yourself From Video Chat Burnout

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The pandemic has given rise to a new form of comfort while working from home. We can now handle everything in the comforts of our home and as convenient as that sounds, it's hard not to say that it's crept too closely into our personal lives. So much so that we can't seem to draw a line, and this stands by all means when it comes to virtual meetings via Zoom calls.

Zoom Burnout is not a Myth

Getting onto a Zoom meeting has become almost a vital aspect of trying to withhold a sort of social interaction even though we're all far away from each other. That seems fair enough, but the excessive amounts of virtual meetings are starting to take a mental and physical toll on almost everybody.

Burnout means that a person has reached emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. This leads to feeling unaccomplished in areas that demand a constant form of attention. Video calls via zoom, are a major cause of burnouts, and here's why.

Non-Verbal Communication

Communication that happens from facial expressions to tones in our voices can become very difficult to read when a person is not face-to-face. Non-verbal cues are much more automatic when a person is right in front of us. Trying to decipher them through a video call begins to exhaust the mind and drains our focus.


Gone are the days when emails could solve everything. Now almost all Zoom calls have replaced the use of sending out emails, which means there are far too many calls to attend to, and prolonged screen time can cause strain to the eyes, and also headaches.

Lack of Retention

Since Zoom calls get scheduled back to back now, as we have all this time to make use of every second, it's difficult to retain every single detail, from a mere video call. Not to mention, having to look at everyone's floating heads, including our own, it gets far more straining to focus on what the point of the zoom call was.

Social Zoom Gatherings

Weekends begin to rush in, and all our friends and family plan a virtual event on Zoom. Sometimes, these work out as a benefit. But, most times, given how draining the week has been trying to keep up with every Zoom call, you start to dread the weekend because you're being dragged into yet another one that's supposed to make you feel good but works otherwise.

Fight it like A Pro

With a little bit of determination and guidance, you will be able to ace your way using Zoom to your advantage and not your downfall.

Limit Duration of the Call

Having never-ending Zoom calls is the easiest way to exhaust yourself. Try and agree to set a limit to the meeting and stick to it, covering quick areas and keeping things brief and simple.

Limit Camera Time

We tend to shift our focus from everyone else's camera, onto our own. This makes us a lot more conscious of our appearance and lowers our self-esteem on bad days. It would help if the camera is turned on during times of interaction and switched back off when someone else is taking a turn to speak. This wouldn't just keep you focused but would keep your self-esteem in check.

Take a Break

It's essential to take frequent breaks between back to back meetings to keep you from tiring out in one spot. Take breathers away from the screen so you can benefit from the break and rejuvenate yourself for the next one.

A Phone call Away

Try and call up your close ones instead of awkward and prolonged virtual social gatherings. Phone calls are a lot more intimate since it's just the voice you're tunneling into. This will give you a break from video calls, while you appreciate social interactions instead of dreading them.

Switch it Up

There are other ways you and your employees can collaborate and still maintain a sense of togetherness. Apps like Slack and Trello allow employees to stay in touch remotely without having the pressure to collectively make time for each other. This will help reduce the likeliness of a burnout and to use Zoom when and if truly required. Find out more about these apps on

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