Struggling To ”Work” From Home? Not Anymore

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

As we slug on to stay safe and sound at home while seemingly trying to be the incredible productivity machine at work, things are starting to slip into a mindless pit of stagnation and discouragement. The lack of anticipating the time away from the workplace resulted in improvising to work from home.

Now, as remote working presumes to move from temporary to a slightly permanent scenario, it's starting to take a productive and emotional toll on us.

The Bane of Remote Working

The endless benefits that arose at work from home are not measuring up to its heavy burdens.

Stalled Studio Time 

Getting down to work while nestled into the cozy corners of the abode can cause friction between comfort and concentration. It's solely the surroundings that account for the number of distractions that a separate space can easily avoid to get the job done. 

Fight To Pace With Time 

Dozens of minutes pass by when we seemingly assume to pace work with time until an unforeseen event arises that requires utmost attention. 

While these issues are not always the case, they do, however, take away from the time managed to work on demanding tasks- a deadline, a meeting, a virtual brainstorm session, and many more.

Non-Existent Personal Life

One of the most challenging experiences of remote working is knowing when to stop. Moreover, with poor time management and lack of designated space and time, work hours prolong and take away from spending time with others and even ourselves. Ideally, to perform best at work, there need to be moments of pause, stepping back, and taking a mental break to regain clarity and resume.

Connectivity Crash

The smooth sailing of remote working instantly sinks when facing connectivity issues. While this is an inevitable issue and deems to have no control over, however, it does not mean it will not clash with your productivity. Weak network coverage areas paired with the loss of Wi-fi connections can immediately cause a disaster with work as a large chunk of it counts on virtual collaboration. 

Emotional Toll

It doesn't come as a surprise that remote working has taken an emotional toll on many. Personal quality time, self-care, socialization, and many other forms of maintaining emotional tranquility have taken a backseat, creating a void, lonesome, and gloomy feeling within, that's interfering with work performance. 

Homework- A Solution Designed By Workamp

Homework is a workspace product by Workamp that designs to solve the problems of remote working. It goes beyond the basic needs of a space and optimizes the efficiency of productivity to channel during the day.

Designated Space

Homework solves the primary problem of separate spaces from work and home. A simple form of work desk to classify working hours is the first step to bringing recognition from relaxing time and studio time 

Connectivity Boost

The problem of unpredictable fluctuations in network and wireless connections solves with this smart solution. With integrated networking, users can rest assured to work without interruptions.

Work Convenience

Working becomes efficiently convenient with the added amenities of IT, a snack station, and even a convenient trash can, enabling you to maximize focus time.

Solution Hub

Homework provides an all in one console any time of a mishap or when requiring extended assistance with the product, ensuring that there is always a solution stop whenever needed.

Remote working is swiftly changing into the new norm of corporate life, but it does not necessarily mean to disconnect from the essentials of a work environment. With Homework, Workamp aims to bring back the essence of a workspace even while having to stay at bay from one.

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