The Economic Downside of A Bad Workplace Property and how to Preempt It

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Most times, when we think about a perfect workplace, we picture an ideal location and a great price point for one. However, what we do not take into consideration is the details that property yields for a workplace. These details, may at times, fizzle out of translation in the chain of brokers or may render oblivious, creating a direct increase in capital expenditure. Here are a few factors that would directly affect the company's cost.


In the absence of waterproofing, major health issues arise with the presence of molding in structural surfaces. This would lead to a negative impact on employee productivity, as well. With so many drawbacks arising from a single source, fixing it would become imperative, leading to bearing the cost. 


This may not seem essential at a glance, but flooring creates an impact on the efficiency of a workplace. There may be an occurrence of cracks or uneven flooring, which may hint that there is an underlying problem in the foundation of the structure. Another factor to consider may lead to incurring an increase in cost.

Indoor V/s Outdoor

When selecting a property, not a lot are aware of the benefits that a terrace can yield to a workspace. Terraces have a lower rental value per square feet than the indoor area. It is the lack of attention to detail that gets the best of an investor while selecting a beneficial property.

Fire Fighting Systems 

Fires are no joke, and the occurrence of one is highly unpredictable. Observing the fire fighting provision should be a primary goal as there are chances of resulting in poorly maintained pipes and extinguishers or even exhausted ones. 

The Irregular Architecture of  Property

Another factor that plays a key role in the selection of property is its shape. Irregular shapes create insufficient use of the area, and cause an increase in square foot per employee, meaning a direct increase in cost per square foot. Irregular placement of columns also hampers the efficiency of workplace layouts, causing multiple resolutions leading to an increase in the cost. 

Investments that lead to long term benefits 

In the likelihood of these factors arising in a workplace, they may lead to a lack of capital efficiency of the company and may even reduce the productivity of the employees. Here's a few things that can be done to save yourself from a downfall. 

Selection of Property

Before getting into a property, taking measures to observe the shape of the property and the uniformity of columns will leave you in a better position than selecting a property that reduces the efficiency of employees per square meter. Further, selecting a property with a terrace will allow for optimal use of the indoor areas of the workplace. 


Taking the burden to maintain a moldy workspace during the monsoons is a tremendous task, increases cost, and leaves employees feeling uncomfortable and demotivates them to work efficiently. To prevent these disastrous consequences, waterproofing the workplace will eliminate any distress in the future. 

Selection of Flooring 

Understanding that the kind of flooring a company decides on can create a negative impact on the capital expenditure of the company. Supposing permanent flooring over raceway flooring was opted to save costs, in the likelihood of adding changes to the flooring, huge costs would take place to rectify problems. 

Fire Fighting Provision 

Keen observation of fire fighting systems is a preemptive measure that can be adopted. This can be done by creating checklists for maintenance of pipes and extinguishers . Also, providing employees with professional training and charting out an escape route will also ensure the company to remain proactive.  

While these measures seem to be a cost in the running of a company, they are more so an initial investment that leads to bearing little to no cost over a long period of time. This will allow a company to focus on other matters rather than having to constantly solve problems that could have easily been avoided to begin with. Here's a link to know more on managing your workspace with us

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