The Growth of Cogoport Resembles At its New Headquarters 

Cogoport is a logistics tech company founded in 2016 to bring convenience to small and medium-scale enterprises in the world of import and export. With high hitting milestones and a thousand shipments overnight, Cogoport excelled into their funded startup journey towards  successful growth, needing a workspace that resonated with their leaping success. 

Stepping into a new milestone, Cogoport needed a workspace that understood the demands of the growing company while allowing them to explore their values and culture in depth. 

Discovering Our Identity

Cogoport set foot into the industry intending to create a transparent system between importers and exporters across the globe and needed to represent the same practices within the company. With the growth spurt at hand, Cogoport wished to build a concrete identity to keep the central goal alive at the heart of the company.

Solution:  Growing A Supportive And Open Culture 

Cogoports' supportive values towards their target users needed to resemble its company culture. Cogoport operates in a clan culture that allows every employee to be a team player and endorses a family environment. To celebrate this culture within the workspace, we created an open office layout to maintain transparency and support team spirit. To bring some fun into the workspace, a wall screening the companies metrics that duals as an outdoor screening area to host game and movie nights, multiple breakout spaces including an all flat seating, discussion pods and an arrange it yourself seating; all to enhance the quality of the company culture. 

Flexibility To Change 

Started from a couple of employees to over a hundred, Cogoport needed their workspace to make room for more and were in multiple directions towards recruitment. It was highly essential to understand the various areas that Cogoport would require. 

Solution: Coexisting Work Environment

As Cogoport needed space to explore the present and future requirements of the company, we assembled a workspace setup that promotes diversity and flexibility among employees.

With undesignated workstations that support general to specific tasks, the workspace brought about an inclusive attitude towards all employees while maintaining a co-active environment. The only separated workspace was a director cabin that connects to a meeting room, enabling convenient sessions to take place.

Vocalizing Who They Are 

As a logistics company for connecting freight across the globe, Cogoport wanted to voice itself to its prospective clients and spectators without having to word it out each time. Cogoport was looking to speak their thoughts and ideas to the outside world in an impactful yet simplistic manner.

Solution: Painting The Big Picture 

Cogoport would expect visitors to drop into the workspace and so the reception was a centric element to tackle. The expected and targeted visitors would be seated in meeting rooms adjacent to the reception area to provide the convenience of proximity. We treated and sparked these prime locations to portray the true essence of Cogoport. With the meeting rooms displayed to replicate a shipping container, combined with an overall industrial theme to the open workspace, visitors enter into a simplistic and minimal environment, knowing Cogoport stands to deliver quality and simple services.

Celebrating Growth 

Cogoports' humble beginnings led up to a span of growth and success, yet the company grounds itself with its simplicity and efficiency. The workspace brought about a new venture for Cogoport to rejoice and enrich their process. With a workspace that supports the company's goals while ensuring that work and joy can share one ground, a balance emerges and creates a workspace that is productive, enjoyable and humble.

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