Enterprise driven
workspace solution

What is Slate?

Slate is a tailored and managed workspace solution for enterprises with 100+ employees.


Workspaces that compliment your organisation's personality, culture and workflow while you focus on what matters

Why choose Slate?


Focus on what really matters

Objective driven design

Our offices are strategically designed so that you don't have to focus on anything other than what you have to.

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Amplify you work, everyday

Seamless management

Functionality and operations that enhance your business process, practices, collaboration and agility. 

A seamless workspace experience.


Spend capital

on the right things

Flexible funding options

Leverage our workspace ecosystem, property analysis and choose from our varied finance structures to get an office that is capital efficient and meaningful.

What we do

We help you to select the best property that fits your objectives.


We design workspaces to let you be productive and achieve your optimal workflow.


Every detail is ensured. And no, we don't cut corners.


Our custom management software ensures you have a seamless experience.

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Account management

Your one point of contact throughout your

workspace journey

HQs Transformed

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A funded logistics startup

A logistics company requiring an office that had to support its various complex operations and intricacies of inter departmental communication. After 2 weeks of designing our team came up with a solution to seamlessly integrate complex functionalities with clean, minimal aesthetics